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Outside view of Willie Retreat Willie Retreat Verandah

Accommodation (Retreat only) Fee $ Per Day Accommodate
20 persons
Adults - per person $38.00 (incl.GST)  
Children (with parents) Concessional rate
 ---------------------------------------  -----------------  -------------------
Willie Retreat/Bunkhouse combined (Education groups) Fee $ Per Day Accommodate
42 persons
Student/Staff - per person $26.00 (incl.GST) (Concession)

Guests occupying ‘Willie Retreat’ are provided with a single bunk bed in one of five bedrooms, each having four beds. Bedding (including electric blanket), linen, towels and soap are provided. Where possible, or with prior agreed arrangements, guests can be provided with single/dual occupancy rooms at the standard daily rate.

Total Occupancy capacity is 20 persons.

Meals are generally on a ‘self-catered, self-prepared basis’ with access to full kitchen facilities and BBQ, unless otherwise arranged and agreed before arrival to ensure provisions are stocked. Outside caterers can be nominated if desired.

WILLIE RETREAT MACQUARIE MARSHES  has a communal room equipped with TV, a cosy slow combustion wood fired heater & ceiling fan.  Two spacious verandahs(one enclosed) provide additional areas for relaxation.

There is a 3-shower/1-toilet facility dedicated to female use; a 3-shower facility dedicated to male use and a septic toilet facility, which can be shared on a ‘unisex’ basis.

Mobile phone coverage is available for users of  'Telstra NextG'.


`PATRICK`S MARKET` shop stocks local crafts, souvenirs and `Willie Retreat` honey which is harvested exclusively on the property.


Fee for daily use of `Willie Retreat` as a Conference Facility........................       $80.00

This fee covers the costs of preparing and providing all the facilities at `Willie Retreat` (including Conference Table/White Board/
`phone & fax messaging service) catering facilities and beverage refrigeration/glasses).

Morning/Afternoon teas & Meals can be catered for at agreed rates or outside caterers can be nominated.


(Now Divided into 5 rooms, 2 double bunks in each room)

Inside Bunkhouse

Accommodation Fee (per day)
$28.00 (Adults/Groups) (incl.GST)

Groups have access to the 'camp kitchen' area in the Shearing Shed, the Caravan Park,Ablution Blocks, soft drink vending machine but no other facilities housed in Willie Retreat.

20 beds are available in the fully insulated BUNKHOUSE with pillows and mattresses provided. Doonas & sheets are available if required  @ $ 3.00 per person (your own sleeping bags can be used).                     

Where groups exceed 20 persons, it is recommended beds in the ‘Shearing Shed’ be used (sleeping bags required). Further accommodation is available in  either 'onsite vans' or 'Willie Retreat' at given prices.


Fee For Site (2 persons) per day
$26.00 (incl.GST) Powered
$24.00(incl.GST) Unpowered

Fee for each additional adult per day $10.00 (incl.GST)

The Caravan Park Area provides for 240 volt (15 amp plugs), water reticulated levelled and shaded sites. Two ‘uni-sex’ ablution blocks (7 hot/cold showers, three septic toilets) and an outdoor toilet are available on site.

Automatic ‘security’ lighting installed. Free use of BBQ – Ample rainwater for drinking/cooking purposes. A washing machine is provided @ $2.00 per load.

Fee For On-Site Vans (2 persons) (per day) $38.00 (incl.GST)

Fee for each additional occupancy per day $14.00 (incl.GST)

Hire of bedding, sheets, pillowcases, towels, per day, per van $5.00 (incl.GST)

Guests occupying ‘on-site’ vans share the Caravan Park facilities as described. All meals are "self-catered/self-prepared". Guests have access to the soft drink vending machine but not other facilities housed in ‘Willie Retreat’.


Abundant ‘unpowered’ shaded camp-sites exist in close proximity to the Caravan Park/Wool Shed and more remotely – along the Macquarie River.

Campers may use the Caravan Park ablution facilities and the ‘Rouseabouts Recluse’ ::: ‘long drop’ pit toilet.

Fee for Campsite

$12.00 per person per day  (incl.GST)

Campers have access to the soft drink vending machine, but not other facilities of ‘Willie Retreat’ or the Shearing Shed.


The ‘Willie Station’ Shearing Shed (a spacious four stand shed) can be made available for school and tour groups.

Fee per person per day $15.00 (incl.GST)

The shed is equipped with power and lighting, ceiling fans, refrigeration, kitchen table, kitchen sink and a gas BBQ cooking unit.

Twenty-two (22) or more Shearers stretchers (no mattresses) are distributed throughout the shed – some in the ‘holding pens’.

Occupants of the Shearing Shed should bring a sleeping bag and have use of the ablution facilities in the Caravan Park Area.

The Shed ensures groups are housed and catered for ‘under cover’ with very basic facilities to provide comfort in the event of inclement weather. It is recommended for ‘low budget’ student groups/back-packers. All meals are self-catered, self prepared unless otherwise arranged and agreed before arrival to ensure adequate provisions are available.

Guests have access to the soft drink vending machine, but not the other facilities housed in ‘Willie Retreat’.


Use of the airstrip requires prior agreement for stock clearance & preparation purposes.
Helicopter pad available. This also requires prior agreement for stock clearance and preparation purposes.


Occupancy commences after 12.00 noon the day of arrival with departures by 10.00am unless otherwise agreed and arranged.

This allows for the necessary cleaning and preparation of facilities to be undertaken.

Phone/Fax:         (02) 6824 4361
Email: willie.retreat@bigpond.com
Internet:  www.willieretreatmacquariemarshes.com.au